Your Freedom is Now.

Do you give yourself what you deeply desire?

Ahhh, the deep energy of the feminine: Receiving.

Do you allow yourself to receive what is already available to you in this moment? On a cellular, embodied level, we all already have inside of us the capacity to connect to and feel what it is we deeply desire.

Freedom, for example. If freedom is what you desire, can you allow yourself to feel freedom in your body? What does it feel like to be free? If you had the freedom which you deeply desire right now, what would it feel like?

Let’s just drop into freedom as a somatic (related to the body) sensation. Close your eyes and just breathe deeply into your body, getting present with your experience right now at this moment. Ask yourself what would the freedom (or whatever you desire) would give you? Is it freedom to do what you love? To travel? To create something great? To feel financially free?

Ask: what would that give me? And keep asking: “What would that give?” 3–4 more times until you get to the core of what you desire. What do you imagine your desire in this material world would give you in the immeasurable, exponential experience? Now, let your body feel what it is you deeply desire, as if it is already present, as if you already have it — feel it in the body now.

Feel your deep, inherent freedom (or love, trust, connection, purpose, fulfillment, whatever it is.) What does it feel like to have what you deeply desire right now? How does the highest vision and deepest desires fulfilled in your life FEEL in the body?

Give yourself a solid 5–10 minutes to just FEEL this.

Feels amazing right? Funny how we can give ourselves what we desire in any given moment. And no, that doesn’t mean that all of a sudden you have the financial freedom you desire just from a few minutes of feeling sensations in the body. What if it was that easy?

Well I mean, what if it was? Whether it’s the law of attraction you’re into (aren’t we all?), conscious manifestation (yes. please.) or just wanting to vibe at a higher frequency and Feel GOOD (umm always, right?!), allowing yourself to receive all of the goodness and abundance that’s at your fingertips in any given moment is certainly a step in the right direction. Because here’s the deal, no that “little” exercise did not just add 6 extra digits to your bank account or book that vacation you’ve been dreaming of — but what it does is something more important, it recalibrated your internal state. You see, in our default state we look to the outside to fulfill a feeling we deeply desire on the inside.

I’m not saying the external desires aren’t worth going for, absolutely go for it! Really though, what kind of coach would I be if I didn’t empower you to go for your goals and dreams?! I am definitely out here going for mine… My point is, the journey of life becomes so much more enjoyable when we allow ourselves to receive what we desire, to feelwhat we are longing for as we navigate our conscious path of fulfillment. At the end of your life, what’s going to make the most difference, how much you had or how you felt throughout it all? Both are important, one is just a bit more… beyond measure.

If you can imagine it, you can experience it — your core desires are no exception to this truth. Try it out and be open to receive…. the magic.




Emily Byrd is a Transformational Coach for soul-centered entrepreneurs, executives and leadership teams paving the way ahead via conscious business.

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Emily Byrd

Emily Byrd

Emily Byrd is a Transformational Coach for soul-centered entrepreneurs, executives and leadership teams paving the way ahead via conscious business.

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